How to apply?

Procedure and timetable

The procedure for Brazilian students who would like to spend a year at NIHES will be as follows:

  1. Brazilian Bachelor students first apply for a SwB Holland scholarship with CNPq, the Brazilian organization that administers the SwB Holland program.
  2. Students with a positive CNPq assessment will be able to apply to NIHES between 5 January 28 February 2015. Only students with a positive CNPq assessment may apply. For more information about the application procedure, please read the instructions below.
  3. Students need to inform Nuffic Neso Brazil of their preference of Dutch Higher Education Institutions they have applied at.
  4. At the beginning of March 2015 students will be informed about their acceptance by NIHES. Those who have been accepted will receive an acceptance letter from NIHES.
  5. In April CNPq will inform applicants of the selection and allocation.
  6. The period April – August 2015 will be used for making the necessary logistic and visa arrangements for the scholarship holders who will start their exchange period at the start of the academic year (10 August 2015).

Please check the deadline’s time table at the SWB Holland page.

Complete your application form

The online application form includes fields where you should upload all the documents you have prepared.

Click here to open the application form.

To prepare you application, there are the following documents to upload:

  • Write a letter of motivation in English (max. 500 words!), explaining your wish to apply and the career you wish to pursue.
  • Write an extensive curriculum vitae (résumé) in English(using Europass format, see Europass), including:
    • a list of educational institutes attended + corresponding dates;
    • degree(s) obtained or expected to obtain;
    • work experience + corresponding dates of employment for each position held;
    • research experience + a complete list of publications;
    • all other relevant information.
  • Collect full contact details of two referees to enter in the online application form (step 3); their letters of recommendation should be included in your application form and your application package (see step 4).
  • Scans of official transcripts of diplomas and reports (lists of grades) translated into English and with original stamp and/or certification from the institute concerned.
  • Two recent letters of recommendation. References should include the following information:
    • If the referee knew you as a student: details of your academic performance, referee’s opinion of your suitability for the chosen area of study and an estimate of your English language ability.
    • If the referee knew you as an employee: an outline of your responsibilities, an assessment of your competence and initiative and an estimate of your English language ability.
  • A digital photocopy of your passport.
  • Scans, if relevant, of the test score of an official English proficiency test, either: an IELTS test score (*) or an TOEFL test score (TOEFL Institutional Code: 8462).