Call for Applications

In the Call for applications you will find information on the ERACOL project, its partners and associates, the thematic fields, the mobilities and scholarschips, the selection criteria, and information on the online application and how to apply.

Please read the Call for applications very carefully and prepare the requested documents before you start the online application.

Click here to download the Call for applications

If you have any questions concerning the call for applications please feel free to contact us.

Changes, additional information:

2010 May 9
– You have to send your application in English, including motivation letter, resume, research proposal and recommendation letters.
– European applicants need to have the nationality from the country of the European partner university they are studying / working in, or from another country within the European Union.

2010 April 26
– Chapter 4 “ mobility”: Duration of mobility for undergraduates from Latin America and Europe, masters from Europe and post docs from Latin America Target group 2 and Europe is changed from 4 to 6 months into 6 to 10 months. (For Master and Undergraduates, mobility of a shorter duration is only allowed in duly justified cases.)
– Chapter 4 “ mobility” and chapter 6 “Selection criteria”: Post doctorate European scholars must have obtained their doctorate in the last 2 years.